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The Doctor and Rose meet Sherlock and John in a parallel universe.

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10:11 PM . 06 April 2012

I watch the show since the beginning: I didn’t know the actors and I didn’t know about all the homoerotic atmosphere in this version. I watch Sherlock because I’m a proud Holmesian, because I read the books (canon or not), watch the movies, etc.
I love the Granada show and yet, there’s not this “sexual tension”. And I don’t care: because I just love Sherlock Holmes, the character and all Doyle’s work.

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09:26 PM . 15 January 2012

You know what I’m wishing for… ?

THERE WON’T BE ANY FALL IN THE REICHENBACH FALL. Moffat is trolling us again, Sherlock won’t disappear : just like “The Silence will Fall”, Reichenbach is a secret project and Sherlock will know the truth…

Yeah, I know, I’m going crazy and I’m not ready either…

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Had to be done after seeing that video. 

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