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Oldman [says] “to Smiley, those glasses are as important as (James) Bond’s martini.”  But director Tomas Alfredson admits his leading man became a little obsessive about his character’s spectacles, [saying] “at some point I decided I’m going to support whatever Gary picks so we can get these bloody glasses on his nose and start working.”


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So… I started reading The Honourable Schoolboy.

Peter Guillam, who was at Smiley’s shoulder when he took the call, swore later that Smiley showed no particular reaction: and Guillam knew him well. Nevertheless, ten minutes later, unobserved by anybody, he was gone, and his voluminous mackintosh was missing from its peg. He returned after dawn, drenched to the skin, still carrying the mackintosh over his arm. Having changed, he returned to his desk, but when Guillam, unbidden, tiptoed in to him with tea, he found his master, to his embarrassment, sitting rigidly before an old volume of German poetry, fists clenched either side of it, while he silently wept.

I’ve cried in the tram. Thank you very much, John Le Carré, for your characters I love too much.

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Above the Thames, on a Christmas Night [a TTSS oneshot]

Title: Above the Thames, on a Christmas night.
Author: nana_loves_tea
Pairing: Peter Guillam/George Smiley
Rating: G
Summary:Inspired by this prompt: Peter had noticed Ann’s indiscretions even before Smiley did. He becomes angry at her for betraying Smiley. Angry at Haydon for seducing her. And most of all being angry at himself for not doing anything, because deep inside, he is overjoyed that George is finally free of her. 
Note : A million thanks to xRandomosityx who helped me to correct this story and for her kindness.

French Version | English Version

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Okay, I really want to write some George Smiley x George Falconer…

Maybe I should, yeah…

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