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01:00 AM . 13 March 2012

Above the Thames, on a Christmas Night [a TTSS oneshot]

Title: Above the Thames, on a Christmas night.
Author: nana_loves_tea
Pairing: Peter Guillam/George Smiley
Rating: G
Summary:Inspired by this prompt: Peter had noticed Ann’s indiscretions even before Smiley did. He becomes angry at her for betraying Smiley. Angry at Haydon for seducing her. And most of all being angry at himself for not doing anything, because deep inside, he is overjoyed that George is finally free of her. 
Note : A million thanks to xRandomosityx who helped me to correct this story and for her kindness.

French Version | English Version

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12:06 PM . 04 September 2011

Sorry about the mistakes, I don’t really read it over and English isn’t my native langage.

  • DAY 8 - Write a SuperWho poem/haïku/ficlet.
  • 'Doctor? What is it?'
    Amy stepped back, observing the huge silent explosion in the darker universe. It was certainly not a black hole, the light at the center was so bright, almost dazzling. Everywhere, around the brightness, a range of warm colors alike Autumn was blooming. Red, gold, ochre, amber… And when the light was dying, its shade was fading, turned into purple or indigo.
    'This, Amy, is the birth of an angel.'
    The young girl did not know what kind of sound was rumbling in this burning flower : in the Tardis, she only could hear her own heart, afraid by the angelic star. The Doctor was smiling meanwhile his companion holding her breath.
    'An angel? You mean a weeping angel?'
    'Not at all, those creatures are cursed… When I say “angel”, I mean a “real and blessed angel” ; they don't look like the statues in your churches, on Earth, but they have the same role. They're proud soldiers of their Creator.'
    'Their Creator… Like… God? I didn't know that you were a believer.', she said with a smirk. She was not a believer herself and was sure that the Doctor was not either. He was more like a science man who saves people without prayers.
    'I'm not, but something are really unclear. If the Devil exists, his antithesis must exist too, like for a balance.'
    'Doctor, look at that!'
    Tears or blades were flying with a high speed, moving away the star.
    'I think they're feathers.'
    'What? No feather looks like that!'
    'Amy, angels are creatures that you have never seen, they're from universe, their feathers are not like the feathers you know…'
    'So, angels are sort of aliens?'
    The firework seemed to be more quiet.
    'And… Why did you bring me here, at this moment? There are no planets, no stars… And surely no time. Sounds creepy.'
    'Because this angel will become a friend of us.'
    'Oh, and what is his name?'
    'Castiel. And his life depends on the choices of the Winchesters : this angel could be the most great Angel in the Sky or the most lonely God of the Universe…' The Doctor finished his phrase in a murmur. A lonely God, lost in the Universe. It sounded a bit familiar for him.
    '… Doctor, I didn't get a word. What did you mean?' But the man did not answer, he turned away and said ;
    'Turn back, Amy! Castiel is almost birth and your eyes wouldn't stand his beauty! It can make you blind: turn away, turn away!'
    'Oh great, you bring me to a place where I can become blind!’
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02:19 AM . 03 July 2011

La Couleur des aubes Tristes - a Destiel oneshot

Title : La Couleur des Aubes Tristes
Author : Seven Nana
Characters : Dean Winchester & Castiel
Pairing : Destiel
Rating : +17 for virgins.
Summary : AU. Dean is just a sound designer trainee for a movie… But when the staff caught an angel and show him as a freak from a circus, a strange madness fall over the stage.

NOTE : Still need beta’s help. I’m absolutely not proud because I think this fic should be longer than that… But… Try to enjoy ♥ + translation of the title at the end of the text (it’s french). Picture by me.

"We all know that monsters are real. They look at you since the darkness, but also in the light.
The ghosts, the vampires and the werewolves were rooted out from ours horror books. The demons and the angels are not legends anymore.”


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01:27 PM . 28 May 2011

The Judas Kiss - a Sammifer ficlet

Title: The Judas Kiss
Author: Seven Nana
Characters: Sam Winchester & Lucifer
Pairing: Sammifer, and many mentions of Wincest
Rating: +17
Summary: Lucifer knows everything about Sam, even his deeper secret. How can you lie to the Devil himself ? [Spoilers for the Season 5 Finale]

NOTE: It’s the second time that I wrote in english ! I would really appreciate beta’s help ? Feel free to ask me my e-mail. I accept any assistance. Thanks ♥
The title was inspired by a Metallica’s song. Click here to listen.