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06:32 PM . 16 September 2011
  • DAY 18 - A Doctor Who actor you would like to see on Supernatural and why ?
  • → Karen Gillan
    With her hard voice and furious disposition, she would make a great demon… Not alike Ruby (well… I’m not against a bit of Karen flirting with Jared), but someone like Meg maybe. Fierce and tenacious.
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06:32 PM . 15 September 2011
  • DAY 17 - A Supernatural actor you would like to see on Doctor Who and why ?
  • → Richard Spreight Jr.
    I always wanted to see a male companion for the Doctor, and Richard would be a good one ! He could be a kind and fascinated man who wants to touch the stars, who always wanted to be an astronaut but with a bad health. Nice and funny, the Doctor would take him towards so many planets and stars. Not a future lover or what, but someone like Donna ; someone who can understand the Doctor and then having the most harsh end. Dying on another planet as he had imagined when he was a kid, maybe ? I would like a season with a companion like this and played by 
    Richard Spreight Jr..
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06:33 PM . 14 September 2011
  • DAY 16 - Write a thank you note to Mark Sheepard for being the Godfather of SuperWho.
  • A big, big, big, big, big, big THANK YOU for this great man, first because I think he’s an amazing actor and have a great sense of humor. Plus, I think his voice is a fantastic gift… I’m not talking about being horny, naughty lovers ! No, I’m talking about how his voice suits every character he plays, his quotes and lines are always awesome.
    And of course, he wore a Doctor Who T-shirt during a conv and I was smiling like a crazy fangirl, screaming “Oh my Cas, did he just made SuperWho real ?!”. He’s the one who adviced Jared to watch Doctor Who or I just speculate ?
    Anyway, a big thank you for the Godfather Mark Sheppard ! "Godfather"… Suits him.
    I know, Crowley should have red eyes. I know.
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06:32 PM . 13 September 2011
  • DAY 15 - Dean wished really hard and now, the Impala is a human. Post a picture of what she would look like.
  • Impala as Deborah Dyes (Skunk Anansie’s singer)
    For me, she’s perfect, absolutely perfect. I’ve always seen human!Impala as a punky woman with black and bright eyes, cheeky and brazen just like his owner. But also, very motherly and with an awesome voice, knowing all the lyrics that Dean listen on loop in the impala. (It’s because Deborah Dyes is a singer that I think about her for human!Impala.)
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12:05 PM . 12 September 2011
  • DAY 14 - How you feel about this fandom ?
    I don’t really know the fandom (I mean, I speak to some people sometimes, but that’s all for now. I wish for later maybe), but I know that everybody have fantastic ideas, skills for writing/graphing… Seriously, I’m sure that some people could write a season of SuperWho easily : we’re so many, if we have enough money and… Okay, let me dream, please ! But seriously, everything is perfect and awesome, and I’m sure that everybody, from the both shows, because of us, have heard about SuperWho. And you know what ? I’m sure that Mark Sheppard would be the first to say “yes" to canon!SuperWho, after all, he kidnapped Jared Padalecki in the Tardis !
    Bonus : a wallpaper I’ve made. If you want any other size, just ask <3
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12:00 PM . 11 September 2011
  • DAY 13 - How you found about Superwho ?
  • Mark Sheepard is not the “only SuperWho” element (stop saying “I don’t find the point of superwho, just because Mark Sheppard played in these shows”. No, it’s wrong. Remember the cover when we see the cyberman ? It was way before Mark Sheppard, so, for me, it’s obvious a way before). First, I didn’t really think about mixing the two shows, even if they’re my favorite…
    I found about SuperWho when I was scrolling my dash and I saw some pictures. I’m not sure, but the first pic I saw it was with Eleven, speaking to a sleeping and hated Sam (this one). And it make me smile and cry at the same time and I found it so perfect, so beautiful, I was totally astonished.
    I wrote “superwho” and I discovered this wonderful “new show”. I was so glad, because they’re my favorite shows and mixing them just made a story full of rainbows, tears and joy.
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12:00 PM . 10 September 2011
  • DAY 12 - Who is your favorite: the Impala or the Tardis ? Why ?
  • I really love both… But as I could pick just one, I say the Tardis. I love the Tardis and the Impala, but hey, the Tardis it’s a fucking Time machine ! Come on ! It’s enough for me ! A. TIME. MACHINE. Then, for shorter distance, just park the Impala near the panel board, then, you can have both !