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12:27 AM . 14 November 2011

100 Facts about me, 7/10 - Special weird things

A special weird things that happened to me. I don’t ask you to beleive me because I already know what I saw.

  1. Maybe I’m just totally crazy, but sometimes, I hear/see strange things. For an example that I’ll always remember ; One day, when I was in high school, I went out of my class, it was the end of the day. It was only 7pm, the sun was still there but I was alone on the way. Just in front of me, there were some trees and in the grass, I saw a severed head : the head of a blonde woman, niched in the roots, looking at me with an open mouth. I blinked and then, I saw the head rolling behind the trunk. I didn’t stay to check out, I didn’t want to see that head once again.
  2. Ten years ago, I moved in a strange house where I lived the most of these weird things (now, I moved again). The first night, one of the firsts in July, it was so hot that I couldn’t sleep and I left my window and my shutters open. Maybe around 3am, I’ve heard a piano! So I went on my balcony (I thought one of my neighbors was a musician and an insomniac, but after 9 years, I understood they were just old people and no one played piano), but the noise was low, so I came back in my bedroom and realized that the noise was coming from my ceiling (of course, above me, there was a damn attic!). I never heard this piano again and I sadly can’t remember the melody. And I never dared to check out in the attic.
  3. During three nights, at exactly 1:07am, in this house, I’ve heard six knocks, like a stick hitting the floor. Three, a pause and three knocks. I was always in my bedroom, reading ; for the first night, I didn’t really notice (just that it was the first time, in 7 years, that I hear this noise). The next night, I went out of my room a bit too late and for the third night… I wanted to go downstairs, but it was really dark in the stairs and I’ve heard something like a breath. I checked in my closet, and the trap door for my attic was open (an attic full of dead bats and nobody wanted to come in), so I closed it (I was afraid) and the next night : no sound, no stick, nothing.
  4. I’ve already talk about it I think : but during a time, I’ve made a lot of premonitory dreams. Or sometimes, which it’s very funny, I made dreams in disarray (like Kill Bill, you see the middle first, then the beginning and the end, etc.), once, it took me 2 months to understand a dream with a vampire.
  5. One morning in December, when I was going to school, I was 15. But I stopped in front of a window because the glass was totally red : first, I really thought that I saw a skinned body (like an écorché), against the window with his arms forming a cross. I jumped and when I watched it again, it was just a christmas decoration (a santa claus) but gosh, I was scared.
  6. Still about this strange house, we wanted to sell it after 7 years… A family wanted to buy it, but strangely, after this moment, mold was growing under the wallpaper in the hallway (but there was no pipes), plus, we didn’t hear about this family anymore… Still don’t know why. When we understood that the family won’t buy it, the mold stop growing and everything becomes normal again.
  7. Again about this house (I really think that it was something wrong about it), a few nights, I woke up in the middle of the night : in the dark, I touched the wall behind my bed, logically, I could touch just one wall (my bed was placed in the middle of the room) but when I tried to looking for the light, my hand touched three unknown walls around my bed, trapping me. I always fell asleep again, thinking “what is this crap? Gonna see that tomorrow…" and when I woke up again, I was in my normal bedroom.
  8. Maybe it happened to you more than twice too : when you were walking near a wall and you glanced at your shadow. Then, a second shadow ran very fast behind you and when you turned around, there was nothing!
  9. I don’t have any phobia (expect for airplane) but I really can’t sleep when the door is open. When I was 5 or 6, I was sleeping in a mezzanine, made of wood and one morning, when I opened my eyes, between the two planks, I saw a man, looking at me, with green eyes but he disappeared just after. Since that morning, I always close the door when I go to sleep.
  10. For anyone who don’t believe… Well, I can’t change your opinion about the world, as I said, it’s not because I don’t smoke or drink that my brain is a safe place. I’m just telling because I keep them as stories I like to remember. And I know that everybody live that kind of stuff.
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04:39 PM . 06 October 2011

100 Facts about me, 6/10

Uh. It’s been a long time, but here the next part !

  1. I confess, at the very begining, I disliked River… I didn’t find her really interresting, ect. But after The Time of Angels, it got better… And now, I FUKING love her.
  2. When I want someone to shut up, I look at him and say “POO”. It’s not really childish (yeah ok, maybe), but the annoying guy is so surprised he can’t talk anymore. WIN.
  3. I’m convinced (since some years) that Damien from The Omen had grown up and joined AC/DC with his new name Angus Young… I don’t want to know who is Neil, I’m too scared to think about that. (I’m joking : I love the Young brothers !)
  4. I like spiders, I like snakes, seringues left me blank, I love bats, I don’t give a shit about clowns and puppets… But I’m FUCKING scared by airplanes ! I already took it a few times and always, I feel like a cat in a bath… Seriously, I’m so afraid about these machines !
  5. I always have bad dreams : mostly about Apocalypse, monsters… Always with violent people, bad guys. Or always when, in my dream, if I have a crush, the boy always leave me after the first kiss. I don’t hate sleeping, but I never fell okay when I dream. Please, can I have a “sweet dream” ? Sometimes ?
  6. I easily laugh. That annoys people, but it never annoys me. *troll*
  7. I. LOVE. HORROR. MOVIES. (That’s maybe why I have only bad dreams) I watch everything : zombies, vampires, ghosts, demons, serial-killers, clowns, werewolfes, witches, aliens… EVERYTHING. I want to mary Wes Craven, John Carpenter and Sam Raimi. Oh yeah, Rob Zombie too.
  8. About dreams, I love writing them anyway : I know a few things about interpretation of dreams and oneiromancy, but it’s more for the fun, just that.
  9. When I first meet people, I’m not really shy. But I’m very cold. Don’t blame me, it’s just that I don’t know how to be friendly when I face someone.
  10. I hate all the things about “OMG. APPLE IS AWESOME!!!!1111 MY MAC TOO!!!!1111”. Especially when they scream this in my ears just because I have nothing with Apple and I seriously don’t care. I don’t like Apple. (But RIP Steve Jobs)
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02:28 PM . 17 August 2011

100 Facts about me, 5/10

  1. In spite of I love writing, I always feel ashamed when someone read it…
  2. As a Holmesian, yeah, I love books as much as I love the Granada show, the Guy Ritchie’s movie and the Moffat/Gatiss’ show ! At the same time and I find Jeremy Brett, Benedict Cumberbatch, Robert Downey Jr. and Peter Cushing really good as Holmes. They have their own ways and I love every Holmes, every Watson. (But I have to tell you… I dislike Rathbone version…)
  3. I don’t like lemon ice cream, lemon cake, lemon cordial… But I love eating lemons.
  4. I stalk my old neighbor because he plays the violin. I love everybody who plays the violin, it’s the instrument I love the most and everytime, I feel so good even if I cry when I hear a melody. *le sigh*
  5. I always find freckles really sexy… Even before Jensen !
  6. So… Some favorite authors : Oscar Wilde, Poppy Z. Brite, Stephen King, Lee Jackson and Gyles Brandreth… Yeah, always horror, detective or victorian… I REGRET NOTHING.
  7. I love watching slash movies. Don’t need to connect the nerve cells, and it makes a great incidental music when I do something else.
  8. I tried to smoke, just because I was curious and… And I don’t understand why people are addict to it… I don’t feel better after a cigarette and everything I eat after is disgusting. No, I don’t understand… Same for the alcohol.
  9. My first boyfriend, who took my virginity, said to me he dislikes Metallica, Nirvana, Led Zeppelin and AC/DC… GIVE IT BACK, ASSHOLE, IT WAS AN ERROR. (Why he told me that AFTER the night ? Damn it…)
  10. I have to tell you… At the very beginning, I hated Harry Potter. I tryied to read the book when I was 7 or 8 and I liked it, as the movie, but not very much… After the Goblet of Fire, I was pretty disapointted with the Order of Phoenix so I stopped, judging that the books wasn’t good as before… Many years later, I met a guy during a travel and we spoke about Harry Potter and he told me “I disliked the Order of the Phoenix, but it’s because it’s not the best, try again and read the others”. I follow his advices and… I don’t know how, I became a real Pottermania !
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05:52 PM . 04 August 2011

100 Facts about me, 4/10

  1. I love having decorated earphones. I don’t wear jewels, and I think that ear-phones are funnier !
  2. Some of you need to understand… I. AM. OBSESSED. WITH. THE. VICTORIAN. ERA. I read everything about Victorian Era, I watch everything about Victorian Era, I dream everything about Victorian Era, I eat everything about Victorian Era, I smell everything of Victorian Era… I. BREATH. VICTORIAN. ERA.
  3. When I’m bored, I like to move my arms like wings… Actually, even when I’m not bored.
  4. I hate wearing bras… And I’m almost flat as a man, so~
  5. I don’t care if it sounds kitsch or weird… I love listening to celtic music ! As I enjoy to read books about celtic culture, especially (and obviously) the folklore.
  6. To hunt bad ideas, my troubles and anxiety, I love to put some music in bed and dream about my fandom/show until I sleep, making new stories. So I confess : yes, sometimes I includ myself in the show… Nowadays, I’m trying to bring Cas and Dean back together. Sounds like a Mary-Sue ? I don’t care : because the show hurts me so much and it’s the only one compensation I found.
  7. I just hate Valentine’s day… The only one I celebrated when I wasn’t single… I’ve been sick and I vomited all the day…
  8. UNPOPULAR OPINION : I dislike Star Wars, Indiana Jones and James Bond… I’ve tried, but no, I can’t love these movies.
  9. I read novels… But I read mangas too. I don’t post anything about it on my Tumblr because I don’t want, plus, I think that nobody cares and nobody knows the pairings I ship… But it doesn’t matter, because as for my shows, my pairings don’t need manip !
  10. Here is my cat, Tom ;

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07:46 PM . 29 July 2011

100 Facts about me, 3/10

  1. When I see that someone is not living in my country… I love stalking them and know what time is it for them ! But creepy love is deeper love~
  2. I speak to myself out loud ! All the time, yeah !
  3. I drink a lot of litters of tea every day. I need my Earl Grey every morning !
  4. I’m more easily attracted by women than men… But honestly, I don’t care about the gender of my partner, as long I feel glad with him/her !
  5. I’ve no taboo, I can speak about everything even with my own scars and my traumas.
  6. I want to work (as a psychologist) in prisons and try to help. I know, criminals are nasty and cruel, but I don’t like to name them just “criminals”, they are not just that : they have stories, fears and I think every human needs help. Meanwhile, I don’t forgot about the victims and their mistakes.
  7. I have a ritual ; every Thursday, I send a text to my mother. I don’t say many things, just “Hey, have a nice day, Mom, carry on for your job and don’t forget that I love you !”, but it means a lot for me.
  8. I don’t want to be married, I find it’s superficial nowadays… The only man I could marry is Sherlock Holmes (or his look-alike in reality, whatever). And he’s against marriage.
  9. I’m addicted to crossover… Even crossoveric pairings !
  10. I write MORE than I read… I’m sorry… But althought, I always fav’ every fic with a good summary but I read it some months later. However, I ALWAYS let a review. ALWAYS. (don’t make jokes with Snape)
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03:57 PM . 22 July 2011

100 Facts about me, 2/10

  1. Apparently, I’m really tall, something like 1m 80 or 5’9’… Yeah, okay, I’m tall…
  2. "Nana" came from my brother : Chloe was too difficult for him when he was only 3 or 4 and he started to call me "Nana".
  3. Okay, I love Final Fantasy and other stuffs like that… But seriously, my “Game Bible” is Silent Hill. I want to marry this game and Akira Yamaoka ! And don’t forget Heavy Rain, I can’t stop crying for this game, I love it too much !
  4. Unpopular opinion but… I don’t regret the Ten Doctor, I really, really love the Eleven Doctor. Every time, I say “he is my Doctor”. But honestly, I love all of them, even the Nine.
  5. I. HATE. MOSQUITOES. It’s not the bite, I don’t care… But the sound ! Seriously ! Every time I hear a mosquito’s flying, I want to shoot myself !
  6. And I don’t speak about doors slamming ! It drives me completly mad !
  7. I have a lot of idols, of course… But the one I always venerate is Oscar Wilde.
  8. If you haven’t noticed yet… I have a real kinky thing about feathers and wings… I think I’m sick…
  9. I don’t really care about religions and believes, but if you want to put a word on me, I would be an agnostic with a high respect.
  10. Right now… I’m going to take a shower.

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02:41 PM . 22 July 2011

100 Facts about me, 1/10

AND HERE WE GO. Let’s start with random facts !

  1. My birthday is on 9th June, I’m french, from Paris even if I live at Montpellier, now (South).
  2. I truly love my close family : my two brothers and my mom… Meanwhile I hate my grand father.
  3. My mom represents everything for me, and every time I have a row with her, my heart is broken.
  4. I feel really close with my little brother, Jules. He’s only 8 but he already wants to learn english, loves Doctor Who and Supernatural, loves art and Harry Potter… I’m so proud of him !
  5. I have a cat, named Tom… And I suspected him being an animagus, he’s such “human” sometimes…
  6. I’m studying psychology and I really enjoy it. I love to care about people and understand troubles in life. Even if I want to work in a prison or an asylum, not a school or whatever.
  7. Even if I really love my fandoms (Supernatural, Doctor Who and Sherlock Holmes), I’m obsessed with the Victorian Era and Serial-Killers… I could speak about it for hours !
  8. One of my favorite bands is Metallica, because my parents lulled me with this music when I was still a baby. I don’t joke ! Metallica is the sound of my childhood and it was my first and fabulous concert. My favorite songs are Until it Sleep, Unforgiven III and Ain’t my Bitch. Plus, my father is such a fan that he wanted to call me “Lars”, as the drummer, if I was a boy… I don’t like this name,but hopefully, I’m a girl…
  9. I love open the fridge, take something and say to my mom “oh look ! The use-by date is today ! I’ll eat it, don’t worry !”, and she always sighs and laughs : I’d marry food if I could.
  10. I have a real crush for the name “Samuel”, “Sam”, even before Supernatural. Some people like to call me “Sam” because I invented a character with this name for a RPG three years ago.