About me

Hey everybody !

My real name is Chloe even if I prefer that people call me Salomée [Sa- lo-mee], my mom wanted to give me this name but couldn’t. Some people just call me Sam or Nana. Then, what you should know ? I’m french, so my english is not quite perfect and I’m 19. I write a lot, I love talking with people no matter about what. I love music : indie, rock, hard rock, metal and classic. That’s all. I love movies, I can’t stop watching movies. Anyway, you’ll find everything I love on this blog.

Here is my face~

How about my fandoms, pairings, … ?

Favorite characters
Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Castiel, Bobby. Almost all the demons, like Meg, Crowley, Alastair, Azazel, Lilith, Ruby… Well, actually, all. About angels : I love Castiel, of course, but also Anna, Zachariah, Gabriel, Raphael… how I would like to see Michael a bit more ! But my headcanon!Michael is totally perfect for me (trololololol)
I won’t say who are my least favorite character, I don’t post hate about a character. To be frank, I don’t like Jo that much. So, I post nothing about her (except the great moments she had), the same for others characters and the others fandoms.
Favorite pairings :
I ship Wincestiel. I mean, as a threesome or simply Destiel, Wincest and Sastiel at the same time. For me, the three are canons and the three pairings deserve just love. I really love Bobby with Ellen, they’re so adorable. The Sam&Jess are definitly canon for me, even if we don’t know much about Jess, I love them together.
As for the characters, I won’t speak about the pairings I don’t ship. I’m not here to hate them and I won’t judge someone because of what they like.

Doctor Who
Favorite characters
The Doctor, of course, especially the Eleventh. I love Rose, Donna and Amy. More recently, Rory and River ! Of course, some minors people we’ve et during the first seasons.
Favorite pairings :
DoctorxRose (or TenxRose/NinexRose, okay) is really my first shipping in this show, and will stay my OTP (oh yeah, I know, Rose wasn’t his first love, but anyway, it was my first pairing !). I ship the Doctor with River and the Ponds. They deserve each other I think.

Favorite characters
Sherlock Holmes and john Watson, I can’t decide who I love better, they’re just adorable ! As Mycroft, Molly (yeah, she’s my favorite female character) and Moriarty.
Favorite pairings :
Holson forever in every versions of Sherlock Holmes. Their love is legendary for me. I also ship, in Sherlock, SherlockxMolly. Yes I know, it’s just impossible but who cares. And IrenexMolly (impossible too. I don’t care !).

Favorite characters
Dexbrah Morgan, above everyone else… Oh yeah, of course, Dexter too ! Obviously ! But also Vince, Angel and Trinity (he was the best enemy, the best killer for me).
Favorite pairings :
I don’t have a real pairing for this show but… I don’t know if I ship DexterxDebrah or MichaelxJennifer actually… both, I guess !

As others fandoms I really love, there are : Friends, The Walking Dead, Sherlock Holmes in all versions (books, Guy Ritchie’s movie, Granada. But I dislike Rathbone’s version)…